The Holistic Autism Treatment Map

The Holistic Autism Treatment Plan2016, like the past ten, has been one of personal discovery for me. I am a lifelong lover of knowledge. One of the things I hold dear about my father is that he instilled within me a never ending thirst for knowledge and a love of reading. It has helped me with helping my son with his autism diagnosis.

The chart shown here is the accumulation of years of learning about various interventions for my son’s autism treatment. There may be overlapping themes, and the information I give should not be taken as professional advice of any kind (For crying out loud, it’s done in paper, pen and crayon! My kids dried up my markers. ahahah).

Some of these items have been done in the past, some are currently being pursued, some have not worked, and some have worked for awhile and ceased to work. There is space for options I have not considered yet. The details as to what methods or treatments did or did not work, the books I’ve read, and other items will be discussed soon, either via webinar or another book! Like I said, I’m ready and willing to learn.

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