My Research Into My Son’s Sleep Issues

sleep My son has sleep problems, which is a common issue for those with autism and related conditions. After sleeping half the night, my son will wake up and stay up for at least an hour or two, walking around the house, turning lights on, singing, and other activities that wake me up.

So I began to research information on sleep disorders and came upon this very interesting article regarding the sleep patterns of our ancestors.   This historian believes that the way our ancestors slept differed greatly from the way we sleep today.

This article intrigued me, so I purchased the book.  I have read the third chapter and am enjoying it so far. However, it is 400 pages long, so I will skim through the historical portions. I’ll make sure to understand the sections of the book talking about how our ancestors slept and what they did during their waking hours at night.

There may be a few of you who would like to resolve their kid’s (or their own) sleeping problems, and this book may have the answer! I will keep you all updated with my findings.

Have a great day, and sleep tight! 🙂

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